Y-DNA (The Genetic Atlas) vs Autosomal (23 and Me)

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Y-DNA (The Genetic Atlas) vs Autosomal (23 and Me)

Postby frightless » Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:12 pm

Quoting a poster attacking The Genetic Atlas http://www.thegeneticatlas.com the main Y-DNA website:

The Genetic Atlas (http://www.thegeneticatlas.com/) has been used as a source by amateur genetic genealogists in the past few years...The authors made the 'novel' decision of combining pseudo-anthropology terms with specific Y-DNA haplogroups and subclades. Presumably, this approach is favoured by anthropology fans...The Genetic Atlas has invented its' own pseudo-anthropology terms... Phrases like "Meditid"...Lastly, some members of another forum decided to investigate the site's management and discovered a connection with the largest nationalist forum on the Internet...Considering the above, The Genetic Atlas is a horrendously inaccurate site which applies its' own self-invented anthropology terms and even fabricates its' own data...Regardless of the intended purpose, any genetic enthusiast who wishes to learn more about Y-DNA diversity or use it as a source should stay well away.

I don't fully agree with the above poster, not because he is attacking The Genetic Atlas racism website, but because he is making it seem that the only reason the Genetic Atlas should be banned from the internet is inventing some racial term or weak data.

The Genetic Atlas should be banned ASAP because their agenda is very clear:
Destroying cultures, religion, the common racial containment status quo & replacing it with robot like race defining mutations that no one can change!

One of the ways of cleaning out such racist cesspools is by supporting multicultural companies that promote Autosomal DNA (mainly 23 & me) which makes the world a less racist place. For example an autosomal African can work his way into another race by mating with females from the desired race & in few generations his descendants will belong to the new race he desired to mate with. So his grandson gets an autosomal DNA showing a good % of the desired race DNA. While his tests by Y-DNA will always show him as a 100% African making him an easy target for racists.
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