Do we cast reflections of ourselves in arguments?

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Do people create reflections themselves when angry at the treatment of others?

All do: it is a natural way to get back at society for any personal or social mistreatment.
None do: they expresss their own ideals, unaffected by their life experiences.
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Do we cast reflections of ourselves in arguments?

Postby Pau Diaz » Fri Aug 20, 2010 8:49 am

I have a friend who got angry at my mother because she and I took seats in a train that were already occupied by a teenage boy and his kid brother. The trouble was they had left their seats so we naturally thought there was no problem filling them. They came back and told us they´d left their bags on the shelf above the seat, but how were we to know?

In any event, my mother´s friend thought that she had responded to them in a nasty way. I thought about it and then through discussion about it with my mother, she told me that he was rooting for the teenager and his brother because they were the underdogs. She then told me that her friend had been an underdog himself and was speaking with the conscience of a working class boy who had to struggle to achieve all he did because of how he went to Cambridge and was looked down upon by the class above.

Hence the question of this thread.
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