Macs are for losers

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Macs are for losers

Postby nose » Tue May 01, 2007 6:13 am

The age old quarrel:

"To mac, or not to mac"

The answer is simple, not to mac.

I am of course speaking of the original argument between socrates and the state of athens - which is better, "PC" or "Mac".

I'd like to pledge my allegence to the "PC".

That said however, the usual PC vs Mac argument is a war waged primarily in the realm of operating systems - which is futile seeing as most of us don't know how an OS works let alone why one is better than the other - even the developers (disagree? you can either send your problem report, or don't send it). In this sense, the Mac's attacks at the "PC" are completely invalid, and should be directed to Windows (mostly - I've never heard a Macophile claim OSX or whatever the frig its called now is the best OS).

Besides, i'm not concerned with how cool it is that windows go zooming and warping through time and space, or GO 3D OMG!ROFLONE!, no, no.

The real issue in computing, for the majority of average Joes out there is not whether their pre-packaged media system has fantastic usability, but whether they're getting the best GHz, GB and whatever fancy abbreviations for their buck.

We all know how fast information technology improves these days, so why go buy a computer glued together in a base level factory that does one thing, and one thing only (draw pictures) when you can go to numerous dealers - shifty back lane, or MNC superstores - and get a computer, which, in a years time when you've stuffed your hard drive with DVD quality porn, you can just go buy another one and put it in. Then with a little help from some online or over phone buddies (if necessary) you'll be back in the pantsless zone within hours - rather then sending you're shiny, glossy, functionless sculpture to some bunch'o'jerks who, in 3 weeks will send it back with more HDD space and a whopping bill.

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Postby adman » Sat May 05, 2007 9:59 am

I personally would agree seeing as I havent used a mac in years and when i did it was a profoundly uninspiring experience. However I can see the sort of market they're aiming for with the mac and it makes sense. Particularly with the mitchell & webb adverts theyve been running they want people who just want a little magic box that puts them online safely, plays their music and shows them their videos without having to be concerned about anything as complicated as upgrading hardware or updating software themselves. They want the sort of people who worry when they hear that x thousands of PC viruses were released last year because they have no idea how to use a virus scanner or how to not open dodgy looking emails!
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Postby nose » Sun May 06, 2007 3:11 am

you make a point. you give a reason as to why one MIGHT buy a mac, but i'm still not convinced its actually worth buying a mac.

firstly, the days of requiring a magic box that does what you want are dying, nay, i'd say they never lived. it's like trying to buy a car you don't need to maintain - if you're going to have a car, you need to at least know where the radiator is and what it does. computers are the same, if you're going to have one, you should know how it works - or at least how to use it.

futhermore, various PC companies release their version of a magic box for a much cheaper price, or you can customize you're own magic box suited to your needs.

if mac do indeed wish to only market their machines to visual and audio production folk, and the magic box user - they will soon go out of business, or will try desperately hard to keep the average tech-savvy index is low as possible - unless they turn their machines into PCs with yet another operating system. In any way, this argument will solve itself.

PS i find their advertising campaign an insult to my intelligence.
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Postby Vastar » Wed Jul 25, 2007 1:40 pm

If you're looking at the OS, Macs seem very useful indeed. I don't have a ton of experience with them but if OSX (or whatever it is now) was superior in the majority of ways measurable to Windows, I wouldn't be surprised. The bottom line though is all the software that I and others I interact with use is Windows based.

Windows has improved a ton since the 3x and 95/98 days. I always said Win2K was the first graphical OS MS should have released. It always worked really well for me. So, at this point, things would really have to go down hill with Windows to be enough of an encouragement for me to bother with switching every bit of software, hardware and knowledge I have over to Apple.

There is the "magic box" deal to consider though, yeah. I was just thinking the other day, "What could a company do that might make it easier for the average person to access common computing functions without the hassle of maintaining a PC?" Perhaps Mac is a suitable answer to that. If you've ever seen Pirates of Silicon Valley there's a quote from the Bill Gates character while he's trying to convince Steve Jobs that he's being honest with him. He says something similar to, "An Apple is the only computer I'd buy for my mother." I don't think I'll use one but for *my* mom, it might not be such a bad idea.

One thing that bothers me with Apple is their advertisement. They parade around their virus "immunity" banner or whatever. Think about it, people. If I'm going to bother writing a virus, would I spend my time more efficiently targeting 90% of computers or 10%? I just don't buy that as a legitimate selling point. Additionally, I saw Mac bashing Vista's security pop-up windows (or whatever they're called). I say, why are they so bad? I've switched over to XP64 and therefore no longer use Zone Labs as my firewall. No other firewall I've found has the specific program control found in Zone Labs. That feature was always throwing up messages asking for my approval. I've got to say, I really enjoy having the control over my system to make those kinds of decisions as needed. (Of course, my mother might not get the satisfaction I do from it. :smile: )
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Postby Ceb » Fri Jul 27, 2007 5:35 pm

PCs are just more convenient with the current available softwares. Linux systems are leagues better than Windows and Macs because of their customizability and open source, but because of software restrictions, a Linux box is a secondary computer, or one exclusively for surfing the net, at best.

My friend and I are putting together a TV program and are using his Mac for the animation segments. It is amazing. Fluid animation, no system slowing, and great playback. Then we switch to our PCs for gaming when we're done because something like 70%+ of all games are for Windows OS exclusively, including the games we enjoy.

Keeping Mac alive prevents monopoly scares for Windows. That's the only reason Mac computers are still around. They're trying to find a specific market so they can survive, but the majority Apple's finances no longer come from their computer systems but rather from their MP3 players and phones so the computers have taken a backseat.

Linux is coming up because it was a foundational organization that focused on shared information, technology, and communication without profit. More and more people are learning that this is how computing [I]should[/I] be and are climbing aboard. In time, mainstream games will be made for Linux systems and the popularity and exclusivity of Windows will start to wane.
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Postby fonis » Mon Jul 30, 2007 5:37 pm

The fact that macs are made for the simple minded who cannot protect their own pc is the exact reason I suggest it to those looking to buy a computer for their son or daughter that are not interested in how the computer works.

Example: I have been doing computer work for a family for the past 5 years (off and on). I come in every 6-12 months, clean up the computers, fix the router, upgrade a system, format occasionally, and all that jazz. This family is *terrible* (utterly terrible) at not getting spyware and viruses. When they came to me about their daughter needing a laptop for college, I really really wanted them to get a Mac. They even would get $100 off for it being for school (baldwin wallace) plus a free ipod nano (4gb). It's not top of the line, it had low memory, a decent proc, but the fact it was a mac made me know it'd be perfect for them.

But that was the reason she said no, so I had to suggest a pc. I knew a dell would be dead in her hands within 6 months, so I suggested IBM. c'est la vie.

I freaking hate macs, personally. I will never use one.

Then again I've not gotten a virus or noticeable spyware in over 3 years with my pc with no active virus scanner.

I guess it's simply a parasitic existence: it all depends on how long the host will live. And Linux has done nothing but grow in the time being.
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Postby Nimbusnut » Fri Feb 29, 2008 11:32 pm

I think the argument that Macs are for the simple minded doesn't wash. Since everyone is different it's hard to compare apples (pardon the pun) and oranges. But, as one of the simple minded: I work in the natural resources field that requires a mix of physical labor, managing employees, designing information material, budgets, report, etc, my requirements don't necessitate a super computer. In fact, for much of my work, I use a Mac that was built in 1984 and still works. The one I'm on right now, is a PC that's been nothing but trouble.

Anyway, because my job favors basic spread sheet, brochure layout and design, and a word processing program, reliability is more important than loading movies quickly. That said, if one lives their life behind a computer screen playing games, downloading movies and all that other fluffy stuff, yes by all means choose a computer that suits your needs. If on the other hand you are in a field of endeavor that doesn't require a heavy duty computer or one that favors the artistic, than get a Mac. Big deal. I remember teletypes and punching paper tapes. Those things had the brains of a simple pocket calculator, but that certainly didn't mean that the users were simple minded. Indeed it was the opposite. They haven't yet surrendered their thought processes to the crutch of the modern computer.
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Postby Dateeno » Wed Mar 12, 2008 1:56 am

Well i beleive that PC is far better than Mac.

Considering that Mac would not have even been published if they hadn't begged Bill Gates to provide vital details about the OS.

Mac in general is moderatly used by the "working"

the Mac is based on the use for work, documenting, files, sheets, spreadsheets etc.

Where as the PC is moderatly used by everyone... The PC can be used for any use, most working places are in use of PC and the PC dominates the Mac in all of its catagories.

The PC however is mainly considered as an Enterainment, but can be used in any activity needed.

The Mac is based on its utility to endure information and working documentation quickly and easily but this does not expand to other uses where the PC has an endless account of programs and software to expand its uses.

I personally choose the PC over Mac for any purpose as i find it easy to use (But this has alot to do with my up bringing which makes me biased)

I would like to add that PC has a much better configeration to extend its utility.

But as for Mac users are for simple minded... Well i beleive that neither of Mac users or PC users are "Simple minded" as that statement is extremely predjudist.

I think that PC users "can" expand their knollege more than Mac users simply due to the fact that PC covers a far larger area than Mac.
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Postby damostat » Sun Jun 15, 2008 10:48 am

Dateeno wrote:Considering that Mac would not have even been published if they hadn't begged Bill Gates to provide vital details about the OS.

What? Where do you get your information from? Bill gates worked with Apple at the age of 17 or so (not too sure on the age) and when the first Mac was released, he took that idea and made Microsoft: A competing brand which was shoddier but eventually much more popular. I think all-round, I don't give a shit which is better. Whatever stores my porn is the one that's good for me.
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Re: Macs are for losers

Postby Mike » Tue Jun 17, 2008 7:21 am

My roommate is a Computer Science Engineer and I once asked him his opinion on the matter and he said that Mac's are probably better for those who are computer illiterate and that his choice would undoubtedly be a PC.
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