Weeds season 7 has certainly changed a lot

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Weeds season 7 has certainly changed a lot

Postby smileflowerwy » Wed Sep 21, 2011 4:32 am

Weeds has certainly changed a lot over the years especially after you watch Weeds season 7 dvd. In the first season, it started out with poor widow Nancy Botwin secretly dealing dime bags to her suburban neighbors, and then she started carrying on with a DEA agent, who she marries. She then begins to grow marijuana, and starts to sell her own strain. She's held at gunpoint, her husband is murdered, and she begins to pay a debt to a drug dealer named U-Turn, who eventually dies. Her neighborhood of Agrestic (a high-class suburban neighborhood that she has pretty much dominated over the years) burns down in a wildfire which she inadvertently, sorta-kinda caused. She then moves with her family down to Ren-Mar where she begins trafficking drugs for the Mexican mafia. She falls in love with Esteban Reyes, a mayor of Tijuana, and what will happen in the new season , surely you should buy Weeds season 7 dvd to know the following episode.
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