Fox News... People you're missing the point

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Fox News... People you're missing the point

Postby Misuriver » Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:05 pm

The problem with Fox News isn't the bias (even though their slogan is a clear example of false advertising. People have sued for less), it's the out and out lies. It's their constant divisive language meant to do just that, divide. Now MSNBC is beginning to follow along the same ridiculous path (even though Olbermann is hilarious, it is still not helpful. Maddow is probably the only innocent bystander), Fox News is still the worst. Ever since the Daily Show and programs like it have started to become popular, actual news programs take it upon themselves to give their own opinions. Fine, but where they fail is the overwhelming amount of misinformation, quote splicing and just plain old lies that they use.
If you don't believe me, which many of you won't, I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise. That is not my job. I'm not a journalist. My blogs are purely for entertainment purposes. An actual news program does not and should not have the same privileges. Their job is to report objective news, not to tell us what to think. Otherwise, what is their purpose? My parents went to newspapers and television news sources to be told the truth of what is going on in their world. They didn't want to be told how to think. Why is it okay for my generation to deal with this slant against our intelligence?
The sad part of it all is that it affects those of every background, age, race, etc. Maybe this is a governmental conspiracy, or maybe it's just the fat cats realizing that Americans are easily duped. Be sheep no more. Say no to the biggest perpetrators of this crime against our psyches, Fox News. All others will fall into place once we've made an example of them.
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Re: Fox News... People you're missing the point

Postby madworld » Fri Oct 23, 2009 2:16 pm

I'm starting to wish I was American, Fox News sounds amazing! Are they the ones with that guy that cries about how much he loves his country every time he speaks? how can you beat that?!
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Re: Fox News... People you're missing the point

Postby augustine » Mon Dec 21, 2009 8:47 pm

the left-wing hypocrites all hate fox news only because it lacks the incredibly biased, liberal spin on the news. for most news programs, like the todays show and CNN, they hold "discussions which consist of two people, a left wing radical and a slightly less radical liberal the two of which "debate" about politics, while always agreeing, with any right wing voice bieng completely left out. then, the same people whom swear by these strongly biased news channels condemn fox news because it is actually fair, it has a liberal and a conservative actually debating over a topic, but the only reason they are accused of spin is because the right-wing side often seems to win, not in a "well, it seems that mister whatever has won," but in a more, their logic is superior way, fox news is one of the only non-liberally biased news stations in the world, and that is why so many radicals hate it; it is a wild card that threatens there anaconda-like grip over all news medias.
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