Abortion--an allegory

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Abortion--an allegory

Postby JackAfter6 » Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:20 pm

A boy dreamed of a beautiful garden as vast and varied as the universe itself. He walked in amazed wonder, and with every breath, he was presented with a new wonder to behold. The flowers and trees—each with its own style and color and smell—kept him endlessly enthralled. Many of the flowers bushes and trees were beautiful to behold and some were hideous and repulsive. As he slowly walked through this garden he noticed a clearing ahead. When he reached the clearing he realized that he’d come upon a vast plain of fresh mown grass. There was peace here and tranquility and a sadness that spoke of some long ago tragedy. As the boy awakened from his incredible dream he held tight to it, desperately trying to hold onto the memory of it.

The boy thought about this dream, turning it over and over in his mind until he found its meaning. He decided that his dream was an allegory of mankind. The garden symbolized the incredible diversity of humanity, its beauty and its ugliness. The plain of mown grass was a testament to mankind’s arrogance and vanity. Each blade of grass was a soul cut from its womb.
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Re: Abortion--an allegory

Postby dougie777 » Tue Sep 07, 2010 2:10 am

As a Buddhist, I do not believe that abortions are the taking of human life, and that the spirit will continue to flow after the fetus is gone, and I also believe that the woman has a right to a choice in the matter.
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