Teleological Argument

So who is this God person anyway?

Teleological Argument

Postby adman » Sun Apr 20, 2008 12:22 pm

The teleological argument also known as the argument from design goes as follows

Something in existence, this could be the universe, a species of animal or even the physical laws of the universe is taken as the starting point.
This 'something' is far too complex, purposeful or precise in what it does to have just occurred randomly, therefore it must have been designed and created by a sentient being.
The only being capable of producing this thing would be God, therefore God exists.

Reason this argument is bollocks:
All it is really saying is
I cant work out how X came to exist becaue my tiny brain cant cope
Therefore it must have been made by someone infinitely smarter than me
That must be God

The most well known teleological argument is the watchmaker analogy, creationists claim that because the existence of a watch must necessarily mean the existence of a watchmaker, therefore the existence of any highly complex system must prove the existence of a designer and maker.
Evolutionists counter this with, surprisingly enough, the theory of evolution. Which does a pretty good job in my view although it doesnt explain the existence of the universe in the first place, or the physical laws that govern it. For that we have to go to the physicists and ask them very nicely to hurry up and work everything out.

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Re: Teleological Argument

Postby devilsadvocate » Fri Apr 25, 2008 2:43 pm

Ah another intelligently argued point. Well done :roll:

I would like to mention first that I am not a religious person, I think my choice of username bears that out, but I do believe that there is just as much of a case FOR the existence of God, as there is a case against it. Your faith in the idea that science will ultimately discover the answers to everything is every bit as disturbing and misplaced as the faith that millions of people have in God(s).
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Re: Teleological Argument

Postby madworld » Sat May 03, 2008 3:06 pm

What case for the existence of God exactly? Is there a single scrap of scientific evidence anywhere that supports the idea of an omnipotent entity who gave us all life? No. There isnt. And do you want to know why? Its because there is NO GOD!
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Re: Teleological Argument

Postby Arin L » Wed Apr 28, 2010 7:52 am

I see the teleological argument slightly different. I would put the argument into this form.
Scientists have observed order and purpose in the way everything in the universe is arranged
When something has order it must have a design.
So if something is designed there is a designer behind the creation.
So there must be a designer that designer must be God.

I think that once you understand the idea behind the argument you will find that your criticism of it has been faulty. You have discredited the wrong interpretation of the argument.
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