Atheism vs Christianity

So who is this God person anyway?

Atheism vs Christianity

Postby Will » Wed Jun 30, 2010 3:27 pm

If atheists know there is no God and Christians know there is, arn't they both wrong and hence cancel each other out because no one can know weither or not there is or isn't a God, at the given time? Therefore making everyone agnostic weither they like it or not?

According to
How did we get the Bible? Where did the Bible come from? The Bible itself claims to have come from the most High, from God Himself (2 Timothy 3:16).

While there were approximately forty men who physically put the text onto the pages, Scripture claims the true author of the Bible is God. In almost every book of the Bible, the human authors assert that their words are the words of God.

You can't argue we do know he is real because it is written in the bible unless you can prove in fact these claims are real.
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Re: Atheism vs Christianity

Postby Pau Diaz » Fri Jul 09, 2010 8:36 am

I think in the battle between Atheism and Christianity, we must decide which of the two allows us to express all our feelings and wishes. Any system that constrains us is bad. How flexible in the modern day is christianity?
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Re: Atheism vs Christianity

Postby fergie » Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:57 pm

Religion is no longer about christianity or a god, as a method of control it's becoming obscelete and being replaced by more efficient methods within society.

Man made global warming for a start is an excellent example of modern day religion, forcing people to reduce their carbon footprint by giving up luxuries in order to save themselves from the great flood that their sinful CO2 emitting ways have brought upon them. I never realised that the stairway to heaven was lit with energy savers until now...

I don't claim to be a religious man, or an atheist no i don't believe in a god, but i don't like to label myself as some strong atheist activist. I couldn't care less about what will happen to me when i'm dead, and I despise those who try to force their rubbish beliefs down my throat.
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Re: Atheism vs Christianity

Postby JackAfter6 » Mon Jul 19, 2010 3:14 pm

It's not really Atheism vs. Christianity however, it's Atheism vs. Religion. But the funny thing about Atheism, is that Atheism is a religion. Both Atheism and religion require one thing above all, and that one thing is called faith. It takes faith to be a Christian, but it also requires just as much faith to be an Atheist. An Atheist would dispute that point, but then an Atheist would dispute anything, because Atheists are arguably the most disputatious not to mention the most litigious humans beings on the face of the earth.

Imagine for a moment that I took the extreme view that because a thing could not be proven, that thing does not exist:
We can't prove life exists on other planets somewhere in the universe, therefore life does not exist on other planets! Case closed! No, I won't hear a single word of argument. Can you prove life exists on other planets? No, so shut up, because you're an idiot, and idiots are not allowed to argue with me.

We can't prove that psychic powers exist. We can't prove that a person could read minds or see some event in the future, or bend spoons, or any of that silly stuff, therefore these powers do not exist. Case closed! No, I won't hear a single word of argument. Can you prove psychic powers exist? No, so shut up, because you're stupid and stupid people are not allowed to have a debate with me.

There are plenty of things we can't prove, yet we believe them nevertheless. The entire belief of Atheism rests on the faith that there is no creator, no higher power, no godlike force that somehow had a hand in who we are today. What proof does an Atheist have? Nothing but the lack of proof. And the final evidence that Atheism is itself a religion is the fury with which its proponents seek its ascendance. The dedication of Atheists to their Jihad against other religions is single-minded and unrelenting. Atheism is not only a religion, it's the state religion taught in every classroom.

In my opinion the towering arrogance of Atheism eclipses the arrogance of every other religion by an almost infinite degree. Other religions believe that only they are the true religion, but Atheism goes a giant leap forward, proclaiming that it is not only the only true religion, but also that it is not a religion but simply scientific fact.
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Re: Atheism vs Christianity

Postby Oddjob » Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:59 pm

I've got to agree with Jack. I feel that strong atheists are just as close-minded and just as constricting as full-on Christians. I'm an atheist myself, but my beliefs I will not try to force onto anybody else. I will explain why I believe what I believe (and if my explanation convinces somebody that I'm correct, great), but I will never ridicule somebody for having different beliefs to myself (unless those beliefs were the butt of any mental or physical harm the believer might be causing anybody). I feel that religion is a great inhibiting factor when it comes to ensuring that there is fairness, and that it should generally be discouraged (at least to an extent). However, this does not mean to say that I believe atheism should be supported. What should be supported is open-mindedness, which means people should not be taught to believe what some fanatical group believe, but should be taught to think for themselves.
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Re: Atheism vs Christianity

Postby krimsonphoenix » Wed Aug 18, 2010 1:56 am

That's why I go with agnostic. I will believe there is a God when I can get proof that one exists.
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