Christianity: communist principles led by a fascist ruler

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Christianity: communist principles led by a fascist ruler

Postby pat_is_tall » Thu Feb 11, 2010 7:07 am

The twentieth century, to the dismay of many brought us the rise of communism and fascism, political views on opposite ends of the political scale. Fascism being on the extreme left and communism the extreme right. Apart from a few followers of these views today who are known as 'fanatics' (such as the Neo-Nazis of Israel) these two political views have a predominantly negative view from the worlds population because of the negative actions undertaken by the countries of their rising(Russia and Germany for those who know nothing about the worlds history). You may be asking yourself why i have titled this post with 'Christianity' it is because Christianity for so many years has been the most followed religion and for such a long time their actions and beliefs have gone relatively unnoticed because they back everything up with "in the name of god" or"the word of Jesus Christ our Savior". But if the actions of the christian church are put under observation there have been some uncanny similarities between them and the actions which have given communism and fascism a bad name.

One off Christianities fundamental ideologies, is that if everybody was a pure christian then we would all be equal (this is being preached by those above the masses of the christian church, you need only to look in depth for five seconds to notice the vast heirachy which is present)and live in a peaceful/perfect society, this all sounds strangely familiar to the preachings of communist founders. it may have been fine if the church had kept there ideologically perfect world to themselves those at the top of the heirachy in a very nationalistic manner have sought to convert or destroy the entire population (impurests) who did not share their beliefs. There are many examples of this throughout history: The crusades which bare a striking resemblance to Nazi Blitzkrieg, the colonization of America and Australia where the indigenous population where either killed or converted all of these actions can be linked back to a christian ruler at the top of the heirachy. The church is still to this day trying to implement its beliefs with the pope, a nationalistic leader fighting against every kind of moral advancement in the modern era that goes against the beliefs of an outdated book. Abortion, Gay marriage and adoption, Euthanasia and scientific advancement are a few of many examples, in this new age it is timed that religions kept their beliefs to themselves.
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