Argument clinic is back

The clinic is open!

Yes thats right we are back! Despite numerous hacks, tens of thousands of fake posts and a site owner, designer, programmer and maintainer (ie me) who has completely forgotten about the very existence of this site for the past year we have returned!

This is a site dedicated to the ancient art of the argument. Whether you are looking for a heated debate on politics, God or the meaning of life, or want to shout at someone for no better reason than it feels good, this is the place to do it.

Why are we here?

How many times were you told to stop arguing as a kid? How often have you had to avoid arguing with a moron just because that moron is your boss? Day after day potential arguments are being snuffed out before they can even begin and I say enough!

Fight for your right to argue! Arguments and debates are vital social tools, we need these skills if we are to be succesful in virtually any walk of life so dont hold back any longer. Argue, debate, dispute, quibble, bicker, know you want to.